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 Speaker support chat?
@hyperf on Telegram

When and Where?

May 21 CEST 7.00PM (UTC+2h)

SF 10:00 am
NYC 1:00 pm
LNDN 6:00 pm
PARIS 7:00 pm
MSCW 8:00 pm

 Conference Link:

( backup link https://8×8.vc/ln4beginners/projects.hf5 )

Telegram group https://t.me/ln4beginners



How long?
You can come and go whenever you want.
If you are short in time, let us know so we prioritize you a bit. We will be live at least 2h, probably longer and eventually much longer.




Do I have to prepare anything?

No. You can but you don’t have to. if you want to show or present something we can do that. Depending on how many speakers we’ll be and how long we’ll talk the presentation should be around 5-8min long.

Bring good mood 🙂


What is the agenda / topic?

There is no agenda, it’s an unconference with the goal to answer as many questions as possible from the audience.

However, there is a purpose…




What is the purpose?
To have an inspiring, entertaining and beginner friendly Q&A session about LN

(beginner friendly means that people who never used lightning but know some basics could follow)

Many people who own bitcoin, don’t know how to use lightning. Similarly, many no-coiners could have an easier start to get their first few sats with lightning. Lightning could be like a gateway drug to full sovereign self-custody.
For this reason we wanted to gather a bunch of bright minds and ask them questions such as:

 Do you see Lightning still as a reckless experiment or can it be properly used already?
What needs to happen so it can be used better?
How can we foster lightning adoption?
Many people love the defi world because they can earn passive income. How do you view the defi space?





Who is coming?



Alex Bosworth
Y’alls, Lightning Labs

René Pickardt


Kenneth Kruger
Founder & CEO at MOON

Stephan Livera

Ben BTC Session




Romain Rouphael
Master of coins lnmarkets.com

Job producer at microlancer.io

Tim K

Lightning Junkies Podcast host


Joshua Scigala





Ben Arc

Lightning Network Stores